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The basic process of creating a piece of pewter work is a very simple and quick one. Below is a simple overview of this process.

We have taken a photocopy of a Modigliani picture and from this traced drawing (a 2D-design) we will create a 3D antique metal decoration to be attached to the front of an art sketch book.

After tracing the design onto the pewter, we begin to work the design by raising, texturing and defining areas with various tools. We push out from the back and counter act the stretching process by neatening and flattening the surrounded raised areas from the front, until we are satisfied with the detail and the height of the raised areas.

The design is worked using an array of various techniques. This process of working the metal to create your finished piece is a therapeutic journey controlled dramatically by personality, time constraints and artistic ability. No two pieces are ever identical and therefore a 'one of a kind' piece of art is created. The design is interpreted by the creator and by the intention of the use of the finished piece.

Once the design has been worked on sufficiently and you are happy with the completed work the back concaved areas are filled with warm wax to hold the shape.

Patina is applied to the front. The pewter will instantly go dark (almost black). Polish is applied and the metal is polished to your satisfaction emphasising raised areas and leaving convex areas dark, to create more depth and contrast.

When the polishing process is complete and the pewter has been buffed with a clean soft cloth varnish is applied to protect the shine. The completed work is glued onto the sketchbook.

DONE! easy as that.