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Beginner workshops are jam-packed with practical information, covering all the techniques and aspects of the craft. All beginner workshops include an extensive kit with good quality tools and equipment. Other tools and extra supplies as well as pewter are available from our studio shop. Corporate teambuilding and advanced workshops are also held on a regular basis.

Weekly morning classes are held in our studio where students work at their own pace on their own projects under our watchful eye and helping hand. The classes are relaxed and fun. In this environment creativity flows freely. The coffee/tea is on tap and there always seems to be someone willing to fatten the class up with cake or eats. Friendships are formed and networks are developed.

Over and above the classes and workshops held in our studio we have a large country wide teacher data base. If you would like to know of a teacher in your area please contact Yvonne for details.

Mimmic run advance workshops for teachers, where we train and guide teachers in methods of teaching pewter techniques that are tried and tested.

For workshop dates, times and costs please download our latest newsletter.